Character Races

  1. Humans
  2. Shodos Mar: Fish People
  3. Ghozok: Zealous Midgets
  4. Gomph: 4 armed slaves to duty
  5. Nadalu: thin telekinetic scientists
  6. Iko: Crab samurai
  7. Zentee: lizard people guides
  8. Sodon: ape looking fighters for justice
  9. Ornyx: elfish people with incredibly extended families
  10. Izmet: Aliens who go on Raumspringer…sort of.
  11. Phthweehee: insect looking gypsies
  12. Foonk: One eyed galactic tourists who don’t like the Nadalu
  13. Spelvoro: Alien geneticists given to excessive gossip.
  14. Veen: Cruel aliens who make produce great robots
  15. Rutkin: Excessively curious squirrel people
  16. Robot: Robot…you know.


Your average run-of-the-mill people.

Humans start out, gratis,

  • Bureacracy: Proficiency
  • 2 skills from the following (Knowledge Skill, Professional Skill, or Science Skill) based on Int.
  • 5 points worth of money (buying this up requires that you start from zero)
  • a single 1 point weapon familiarity
  • a single 1 point vehicle familiarity
  • 4 point language: Prometheus
  • Access Prometheus

Shodos Mar:

Fish people merchants.

Shodos Mar were invited to Prometheus by the Archons on account of their strong business acumen and their history of asteroid resource management. They have been in Prometheus for a long time.

A Shodos Mar knows his or her place in society from the moment that they are hatched. Shodos Mar society is corporate with leadership, as with anything else, determined genetic traits. If you are born with the traits of a mining manager, then that’s what you will become. Most Shodos Mar are fine with this. The customs of Shodos Mar society are designed to reinforce this trait. Excellence is always determined by being excellent in what you’re supposed to do. It resembles Hindu caste.


It is very possible that PC Shodos Mar are part of the caste that deals with outsiders or sells their skills on the open market for the betterment of their Shoal. It is also possible that the character has rebelled against this rigidity and left that society—this is rare, but not unheard of. The Shodos Mar consider a missing member to be a hole in their society. Religiously, they believe that their deity gives them, through birth, the people they need to do their jobs.

Shodos Mar start out, gratis,

  • Can breathe in water
  • +4 swimming
  • 3 point language in Promethean
  • 1 professional skill based on Int
  • Completely Fluent in Promethean
  • Idiomatic Fluency in Shodos Mar
  • Complication: Social Complication: Infrequently Minor (5 points)


Jihadist midgets

Ghozok are prone to religious fanaticism in almost cult-like appreciation of their Grand Moofass (religious leaders). They believe that the Moofass have a pipeline to Godwill. As a result, they don’t so much have a religion as a prophet. It is unclear how Ghozok figure out which among them is a Moofass.


Currently, his Grandness Moofass Ashak Apoon has decided that the best thing for the Ghozok to do is live on the underbelly of Promethean society, moving like nomads from spaceport to spaceport, living in junker cities, etc.. Acting as scavengers, junk peddlers, and minor criminals. Those who remain behind in the Holy Land of the Second Rim are ordered to attack stray vessels that get too close. Prisoners are held for ransom and ships are scrapped for parts.

Clearly, any Ghozok is suspect inside of civilized society, but they can, nonetheless, be found here and there, scattered across the Prometheus system.

Ghozok start out, gratis

  • +1 DCV
  • Animal Handler (Interplanetary)
  • AK (Second Rim)
  • Travel Familiarity (Flying Beasts)
  • Weapon Familiarity (any)
  • Environmental Movement (short)
  • Environmental Movement (Zero G)
  • Basic Conversation: Promethean
  • Idiomatic Ghozok
  • Complication: Social Complication: Frequently, mInor (10 points)
  • Complication: Physical Complication: Very Frequently, Slightly Impairing


4 armed slaves to duty

Gomph are populous throughout the galaxy. They are sometimes thought of as a slave race. Depending on where they are found, this is more or less true. Gomph personality is such that when they feel that a task is theirs to do, they will stay with it. They are fiercely loyal to their job. If they are mistreated at the job, they will often remain at their post. This is generally ascribed to Gomph stupidity (and many Gomph are quite stupid), but even intelligent Gomph seem driven by the same impulse towards loyalty over personal comfort or justice.


One thing to understand about Gomph is that they are big. They resemble Earth elephants in some ways, and their elephantine size is certainly part and parcel to this comparison.

Gomph don’t really have a “Society” except for the society they have with their co-workers. If they’re Gomph, great. If they aren’t, great. Gomph don’t seek out other Gomphs. They seem to believe that everyone thinks the way they do, and when people don’t, they write it off to aliens being “weird”. They do not envy the freedom from their jobs that other alien races sometimes demonstrate.

Gomphs start out, gratis

  • +5 Str
  • +1 Con
  • Fluent Conversation: Promethean
  • Idomatic Conversation: Gomph
  • Extra Limbs
  • -2 Knockback Resistance
  • Complication: Social Complication: Infrequently Minor (5 points)
  • Class of Minds: Animal


Tall telekinetic aliens given to vast social experiments


The Nadalu are not native to Prometheus but they are, probably, the most influential of the races, even more than humans. As the humans of the planet Prometheus began to centralize intelligence for the Galactic Federation, the Nadalu saw a chance to make a new kind of civilization. Without the Nadalu, Prometheus would have been little more than a monastery for Telecorp™. The Nadalu presented them with the idea that through data pattern recognition, the original Archons could engineer a society where the causes of calamity could be rooted out before they’d even began.

In fact, hand in glove, the Nadalu have been the central planners for the government of Prometheus. Though their numbers are small, and thought they seem to have little desire for shows of outward power, the Nadalu quite obviously share power in Prometheus.

Nadalu are very much like Vulcans. You can’t figure out why they don’t take over, but there they are, waiting in the wings, reminding those silly humans of the most logical way to proceed. Nadalu are almost always in a position of advisor for Archons or the Archons’ forces.

Nadalu start out, gratis

  • 5 str Telekinesis
  • Scientist
  • 2 Sciences based on Int
  • Transport Familiarity (pick one)
  • Fluent Promethean
  • Idiomatic Nadalu
  • Complication: Social Complication: Infrequently Minor (5 points)
  • Class of Minds: Human


Japanese warrior clan crab aliens. The Iko are genetically predisposed to follow a code of honor known as the Ikoshido. It keeps them in their feudal place and subservient to the lord of the family, known as the Gunsho.

The Iko are always in the service of their family. If they are doing something else, it’s because they were ordered to do something else by their superiors.

If you are playing an Iko, you are playing a character from feudal Japan. Have fun.


Iko start out, gratis

  • Family contact on 8 or less
  • 1 weapon familiarity
  • +4 PD
  • +3 rPD
  • 1 Knowledge, Science, or Professional Skill based on Int roll
  • Idiomatic Fluency: Iko
  • Complication: Social Complication: Infrequently Minor (5 points)
  • Class of Minds: Human


Small lizard jungle guides.

Zentee start out, gratis

  • Climbing
  • Breakfall
  • Survival (all climes)
  • +1 DCV
  • Environmental Movement (Short)
  • Idiomatic Fluency: Zentee
  • Weapon Proficiency (pick any)
  • Complication: Social Complication: Frequently, mInor (10 points)
  • Complication: Physical Complication: Very Frequently, Slightly Impairing
  • Class of Minds: Alien

Sodon Ape looking guys with horns

They look like apes and are either strong believers in justice or merciless raiders.

Sodon are a strange species of humanoid. They resemble ape people with little horns, but the complexity of their world and history sets them apart from other humanoids in the Prometheus system. Sodon are zealously aware of what they consider right and what they consider wrong. They are dedicated to justice for all sentient species. Their view of justice is, however, reinforced by vision quests that they take while on halucinagenic substances.


Moreover, there is a darkside to the modest and justice-loving Sodon. Recently arrived in Prometheus are another group fleeing The Maker and they are not so concerned with justice. These new Sodon are raiders and pirates, scavengers and monsters. The only race they remain peaceful with are their brothers on Castor. Everywhere else they are considered a threat.

Sodon start out, gratis,

  • 1 level of Enhanced Senses
  • 1 Knowledge, Science, or Professional Skill based on Int roll
  • 1 transport familiarity
  • 1 Weapon familiarity
  • +1 OCV
  • +1 Running
  • +2" leap
  • Idiomatic Fluent: Sodon
  • Complication: Social Complication: Infrequently Minor (5 points)
  • Class of Minds: Animal


A family based social structure that’s so vast that people sometimes think they’re an illumanti.

The Ornyx are an interesting race, not native to Prometheus. They are a nomadic jovial race given to helping out wherever possible with large social causes. Recently, they have managed to acquire a large meteor for a pleasure island which they, through technology native to their race, they were able to supply with an atmosphere. Between the oxygen rich atmosphere surrounding the Quilt and solar translators, the Quilt is basically a sub-tropical paradise.


One rumor about the Ornyx is that they all know each other instinctively. It might be true. Their concept of family is extensive and their understanding of economics is contingent upon their understanding of family… no one is poor so long as the family has money. Every Ornyx seems to be employed by the family and they all seem to have odd jobs they are up to, from time to time, that are considered Ornyx business.

Those who do not like the Ornyx suspect that the race might be an illumanati.

Two strange features of the Ornyx include their affinity with animals, especially small animals. It is common for an Ornyx to have multiple small pets, all of them trained.
The second is that the Ornyx believe in a religion which they can describe in excrutionating detail, but which, for the most part, none observe except in terms of ritual. They make the moves, but everything they say they shouldn’t do, they do.

Ornyx start out, gratis

  • 1 skills from the following (Knowledge Skill, Professional Skill, or Science Skill) based on Int at +1.
  • 3 point Lightening Reflexes
  • 3 points worth of money (buying this up requires that you start from zero)
  • Fluent Promethean
  • Idiomatic Ornyx
  • a single 1 point weapon familiarity
  • a single 1 point vehicle familiarity
  • Complication: Social Complication: Infrequently Minor (5 points)
  • Class of Minds: Human


Refugee aliens with almond shaped eyes. Their hands and feet are kind of…switched.

The Izmet are refugees from another system who haven’t had the best of luck in Prometheus. Accused of everything from piracy to slash-and-burn raiding tactics, the Galactic Federation has the Izmet in Prometheus under watch. They have been invited not to leave Prometheus during the ongoing investigation…and then the quarantine happened and their stuck here.


The Izmet are known allies of the Ludd owing to the rise of power of fascist techno-overlords on their home world. Those who know the Izmet intimately, report back that they are a relatively benign race…a bit xenophobic, but certainly not galactic pirates. Evidence of their first days in Prometheus present a different account.

Izmet have a tradition in which each community punishes one of their members at random. The idea is that the one suffers for the many. The tradition is very old and predates space travel. Since the invention of space travel, the outcast traditionally becomes less of a martyr and more of an exile. Most player character Izmet will belong to those who have chosen to flee their community rather than live as an outcast for a year and a day. Needless to say, they are expected to never return.

Izmet start out, gratis,

  • Contortionist
  • 1 skills from the following (Knowledge Skill, Professional Skill, or Science Skill) based on Int.
  • 3 1/2 d6 Telepathy: Only non-combat
  • 4 point language Izmet
  • Complication: Social Complication: Frequently Minor (10 points)
  • Class of Minds: Alien


Insect people who enjoy leisure and who don’t see petty criminality against members of another race as a problem.

The Phthweehee were genetically engineered as a race to help a kind of titanic alien that no one’s ever seen alive. Some horrible accident caused the giant race to die leaving the Phthweehee to fend for themselves. Since that time, they’ve scattered across the galaxy in immense (and immensely morbid) ships containing pieces (yes titanic body parts) of the race that spawned them. Phthweehee culture in Prometheus is centered on sacred city sized space station known as Tors-O by nearby spacers… it is built around the remains of a titanic torso and stubby arm. All Phthweehee born in the Prometheus system were born (hatched) on Tors-O


Most Phthweehee do not live in Tors-O but have found homes throughout the system (though not really on the planet Prometheus itself). Phthweehee are not exactly criminals, but they are not particularly law abiding either. They are typically a friendly and playful race, but they don’t particularly like hard work when they can avoid it. They do not consider it wrong to pull one over on a member of a race other than their own so long as no one really gets hurt. A common racist story holds that landlords in cities with Phthweehee populations need to be careful because the race will live inside the walls of a building rent free if they can (which isn’t really that far fetched).

Phthweehee, in general, suffer from agoraphobia. They have screetchy voices when speaking in their own language, but for some reason have deep voices when speaking the language of others.

Phthweehee don’t really get along well with Ghozok because that race’s current Moofass has decided that Tors-O is the remains of a god.

Phthweehee start out, gratis

  • Concealment: Proficiency
  • Persuasion: Proficiency
  • Streetwise: Proficiency
  • 1 point language: Promethean
  • 4 point language: Phthweehee
  • +3 Leaping
  • 1 point Lightening Reflexes
  • 1 family contact: 8 or less
  • 1 Weapon Famililarity (player choice)
  • Agoraphobia (Very Common, Moderate)
  • Complication: Social Complication: Frequently Minor (10 points)
  • Class of Minds: alien


One eyed aliens who roam around the galaxy like tourists looking for a good place to call home.

A curious race, the Foonk reproduce through budding. They are related to each other as siblings and refer to their race as the Brotherhood (or Sisterhood, they don’t actually have gender). Wherever the Foonk homeworld once was, they’ve abandoned it. Now, they roam the galaxy looking for a new place to settle. They are like great galactic tourists who are always roaming around scouting for a place for the Foonk to call home. They’ve been doing this for as long as anyone can remember so it doesn’t appear that they are in any hurry. Moreover, they seem to be doing fairly well economically, so the lack of a homeworld doesn’t seem to have held them back much. Their lack of a home has made many races suspicious of them. The Shodos Mar do not, as a rule, welcome Foonk settlers into their cities to settle down.


The Foonk, themselves, do not get along well with the Nadalu, and no one, including the Nadalu, really know why. In any case, many times, when the Foonk show up in a system to look around, the Nadalu come off badly. It really wasn’t surprising that the Foonk showed up in Prometheus; it is, after all, the greatest of the Nadalu experiments. During the recent war, the Foonk were neutral, but it was suspected that they had ties to the Ludd.

Because of their tie to one another, Foonk are adept at understanding the connection between minds. Their technology, such as it is, concentrates on exploring the link between disparate individuals and races.

Secretly, the Foonk are driven to prove that the Nadalu experiment is failing by finding signs that something is going catastrophically wrong with the Archons. At least, that was their plan before the quarantine. Now, even if they had that information, they couldn’t make it out to the rest of the galaxy to reveal the problem and indict the Nadalu.

  • Class of Minds: Alien


Geneticist aliens who like a bit of fun but who are overseen by a tyrannical secret police.

The Spelvoro are members of a genetics corporation that help to make the procedure of bio-medical upgrade more survivable. They were called to Prometheus as guests of the Archons at the beginning of the military action with the Ludd.


The Spelvoro are, themselves, rigid in their personal customs. They’re a bit like Victorians: sworn to routine, tact, and propriety. That being said, they are, all of them, tititlated by the idea of breaking the rules. From a human point of view, these acts of indiscretion are hardly noticeable, but to the Spelvoro, not using the proper spoon at a dinner is an act of deviancy that comes with a great rush. The greatest deviancy enjoyed by the Spelvoro is their becoming involved in the lives of the natives. As a result, the race is plagued by terrible gossips.

The Spelvoro corporation is policed internally by a group known as the Grizeldi. They are remarkably draconian over anything they consider a breech of the corporate trust.

Spelvoro start out, gratis,

  • Scientist
  • Science based on Int: Genetics
  • 5 points worth of money (buying this up requires that you start from zero)
  • Access: The Shell
  • 4 point language: Spelvoro
  • 3 point language: Promethean
  • Vehicle Familiarity: space planes
  • Complication: Social Complication: Infrequently Minor (5 points)
  • Class of Minds: Human


Cruel practical jokers forced to live inside of environ suits. They have a serious penchant for artificial intelligence despite their distrust of robots.

Early system census of Prometheus do not mention the Veen, though the race consider themselves to be one of the native members of the system. They live on (or rather in) a Pollux inside a complex series of tunnels under the planet’s surface. The area, filled with poisonous gas, is deeply inhospitable to outsiders.


The Veen are not nice. The standard Veen sense of humor is drawn to cruel jokes and pranks. For the most part, they’re really the only creatures who enjoy their own company. They are, however, very good at artificial intelligence. Veen robots tend to be the most lifelike in their responses of any robot in the system. The joke is that their robots have more humanity than the Veen do. Regardless of their deep gift, Veen don’t trust robots or robotic safeguards.

In terms of weird personality quirks, the Veen also do not like to take responsbility or blame for their actions. Whether good or bad, the Veen’s explanation is: “it must have just happened by accident.” This makes their cruel pranks just that much worse.

Because of the Veen’s unique chemistry, they never travel outside their hives without full environ suits. This is good because the Veen breathe poison and also because the Veen’s skin, when exposed to air, creates a kind of psychotic effect in humans. They’re sweat, essentially, causes psychological breaks, sometimes homicidal. Non-Veen Terrorists have used this to great effect. One Veen corpse can cause a ship to go mad.

If you are playing a Veen, you probably have some reason not to be living inside their hive.

  • Class of Minds: Alien



  • Class of Minds: Animal

Quadli Cactus looking oddball aliens, probably not something you’d want to play


  • Class of Minds: Alien


It would be impossible to discuss all the permutations and possibilities for robots. Some robots in the Prometheus system are full fledged citizens. They walk around autonomously. They have jobs. They have personalities. Other robots are barely cognizant of the world. Some robots are armed and dangerous. Other robots have a flat head so that they can serve drinks. It all depends on who made the robot, when, and what for.

Most robots are, however, treated like second class citizens. Even if they seem human, even if theirs is indistinguishable from natural intelligence, most people assume that, at a basic level, something’s missing. They just plain aren’t alive. People might care about the Robot, they may even feel camaraderie with the robot, but at the end of the day, they’re replaceable.

Note, most robot characters have a good number of psychological, social, and physical complications to shape the limit of the character’s intelligence and position in the world.

Robots start out with, gratis:

  • 3 point language (either Whistleclick, Faux Voice, or Beep Beep)
  • 6 Active points of Resistant Defenses
  • 10 Immunity to all Terrestrial Poisons and Diseases
  • 1 Proficiency in System’s Operation
  • 20 point complication: Robot
  • Class of Minds: Machine

Character Races

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