Sci Fi Style Guide

The technological nature of Prometheus is such that it is not necessary that everything look the same. In other words, form no longer matches function, and now matches personal taste and comfort as much as anything else. These styles tend to differ from race to race, from location to location, and from social class to social class. The important thing to remember is this: a guy who styles himself as a junk punker isn’t really packing “junk”—that may be, and probably is, just how it looks. The tech in the Prometheus system has gone past the point of having to look a certain way for it to be effective. They can make particle accelerators that look like they’re made of polished copper and cables if they want to.

Post Deco: This is a mixture of the art, architecture, and fashion of 1900-1940. Trenchcoats and Fedoras. Buildings that look a bit like giant juke boxes. Interior designs that look like casinos with big bands. Blade Runner. Bioshock.

Steampunk: You look like a genius inventor from 1880. Lots of gears. Lots of hoses. Lots of coils. Top hat. Goggles. Victorian fashion.

Oriental Punk: The inclusion of oriental style from China to Saudi Arabia in a mix with techno. This is the style of Star Wars (yes, it is). Queen Amadallah, the sandpeople, and the Bedouin style of the Jedi. Han Solo’s costume is one step away from Marco Polo.

Junk Punk: Like steampunk, you look like you’ve taken a bunch of existing technologies and put them together, but it looks like you’re working with spare parts from a junkyard.

Soft Utopia: Appleseed, Robotech, I Robot… If it’s painted black and lit with neon it’s Cyberpunk.

Hard Utopia: Clean lines everywhere. No bumps. No exposed panels. Not even the hint of a screw or bolt. Enormous architecture. Floating robots.

New Brutal: Take your car, remove the hood, and drive it around. Plates and unexplained mechanical parts everywhere. Aliens. The ships in Star Wars. Proton packs in Ghostbusters. Road Warrior.

Sci Fi Style Guide

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