Mad Mule

Transport android with an attitude; Merc without a mouth




Just some notes
The Prototype Zero (P0) Mule was an off books experiment with loose military affiliation. A covert military agent funded Dr. Longing and his team to meet a critical warfighting need. It was designed as an advance resupply android to support special operation missions. P0 Mule structure can reform to accommodate supplies and travel through hostile and difficult terrain with speed and stealth. The PO Mule, or Mad Mule as it was nicknamed by the grad students, exceeded the covert military agent’s expectations of strength, endurance, mobility and stealth. During the celebrations that followed Dr. Longing and the grad students were all eliminated by the agent. All but one, Strundon Bran. Strundon quick thinking had Mad Mule pick him up and deliver him from the carnage. Unfortunately Strundon was critical injured and used his last days on earth to remove the neural inhibitors in Mad Mule and sent it off into the world a free agent.

Other thoughts
The agent was going to use P0 Mule to deliver a nuclear device on a soft target, Strundon finds out and sets Mule free?

Character’s abilities categories:
Offensive: DCs. Poor
Defensive: Poor
Non-combat: Very Good
Combat Effectiveness: Good
Skills: Average
Characteristics: Average

Mad Mule

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