Sure, it works. But it could work better.


Firmware is the leader of the Mod Squad and the creator of the vast majority of their equipment. The Mod Squad is essentially a street gang who runs the local black market. They also collect protection money, and provide protection to the people that pay it when crazy stuff starts happening. Sometimes local PD will reach out to them for help when there’s a riot or a monster attack (biotech accidents are so common these days).


He used to be an inventor, but there were rules he had to follow. He could only create technologies that were so powerful. The Archons don’t want people to be able to get their hands on equipment that would allow them to go toe-to-toe with Archangels. But Firmware didn’t agree with this policy. He didn’t think it was right to deny people the best technology they could get.
So he quit. Went underground. Started removing the factory settings from things, turning toasters into heat rays, turning over-the-counter medication into super serums. He turned a construction bot into an ally, turned a gamer into a ninja, used the same technology that keeps a microwave oven from leaking microwaves into the air to build a containment harness for someone who was radioactive. He helped someone develop a portable 3D printer that used nanites to build military grade equipment in a matter of seconds. He changed lives.


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