The Mod Squad's personal Demick


How is that the Mod Squad can stay off of the Archon’s radar when most members of the Mod Squad wouldn’t understand subtlety if it punched them in the face? Well, it’s mostly because of this guy.
DeMickey was Firmware’s attempt at making an Archon out of the stuff he had in his garage. He came pretty close – the only difference between an Archon and DeMickey is how much data they can process at once. DeMickey can sift through thousands of times more data at once than a normal person, but he’s still small time compared to the Archons. Of course, the Archons have to look at everything. DeMickey… well, his job isn’t quite as demanding.
He spends most of his time surfing the web, finding anything and everything that could point the Archons towards the Mod Squad – police reports, amateur video, unpaid parking tickets, etc. – and messes with said data just a little. Making it so images will only load 87% of the way, causing videos to crash, slipping malware into email attachments, changing small details in one place so that they’re incompatible with small details else ware – generally making everything on the Mod Squad look not quite right.
Sure, a normal person with an internet connection can find out stuff about the Mod Squad fairly easily, but not an Archon. You see, between “Truth Recovery” and all the other ways the Archons filter out bad data, 99% of the information on the Mod Squad is thrown out. And if any Archon looks closely at the remaining one percent, all they see is a bunch of conspiracy theorists and choppy video. To them, the Mod Squad looks like an urban legend, a hoax, a prank – like something the Archons don’t have to worry about. And that’s just how the Mod Squad likes it.



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