Average Size: Females 4’; Males 4’ 1"
Average Weight: Females 90 pounds; Males 95 pounds

Personality compared to humans: The zentee keep their thoughts and feelings pretty close to the chest. They do not, as a rule, offer much up about themselves or their society to outsiders. They do seem willing to make deals with aliens, which suggests that the Zentee appreciate a good business relationship.
Zentee in Zentee Society: The Zentee are tribal. That much is clear, but as they don’t really invite people to see their hidden cities, it’s unclear what they’re like when they’re around one another. They talk to each other more than they talk to other aliens.
Zentee Outside of Zentee Society: Zentee figure out what they’re good at and they offer up their services. Because of their future-primitive mode of thinking, they often find themselves able to do what others aren’t. Watch “The Gods Must Be Crazy.”
Roleplaying a Zentee: You’re probably fairly practical. You realize that you’re not as savvy as everyone else, but then they’re not really all that great at hunting things down, are they? You aren’t talkative and you’re probably a bit dismissive of the opinions of non-Zentee

The Zentee are the inhabitants of Niobe 2 and are assumed to be natives of that moon (designated Death World). They seem to live there in a somewhat primitive state, though there are numerous reports from those who’ve gotten in close that suggest the Zentee have better technology than people think.

Mostly the Zentee act as guides for those who come to Niobe 2 for safari. Some have suggested that the Zentee that humans encounter are shaman and that space, for most Zentee, is considered “the spirit world.” When the Zentee are hired on by an alien crew, they are expected to hunt and act as guides. They are incredibly adept at this, especially on Niobe 2, though they tend to do very well elsewhere as well.

One thing that the Zentee don’t do (and that they very much could do) is run the rare and exotic serums market that is big business in the Hunting Lodges around Niobe 2. Why they don’t simply trade in exotic drugs is anyone’s guess…but they don’t.

Zentee are not populous anywhere except for Niobe 2.


  1. The Zentee are not native to Niobe 2. They were marooned there.
  2. A pirate family in another system has something against the Zentee, but what their beef is is anyone’s guess (and there are many).
  3. The Zentee have incredibly complex cities inside the jungle.
  4. The Zentee actively hide the Ludd. Who would suspect that the Ludd are hiding on Niobe 2.
  5. Niobe 2 was discovered by the Archons because of a distress call around Niobe 2. The call was sent out by a destroyed fleet, decimated by a planetary weapon. The wreckage was ancient, even for galactic standards.
  6. All of the Zentee are clones of one another!
  7. Zentee lifespans are only a few years in length.


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