Average Size: 6’4"
Average Weight: 260 pounds

Personality compared to humans: Veen are assholes who refuse to take responsibility for their actions. Not only that, but they don’t seem to care. They seem like it’s a ridiculous imposition to be asked to care. Veen are callous, as a rule. Veen are sociopathic by their very nature. They might do the right thing, but they certainly don’t do it because someone else thinks they should. Other people’s opinions do not matter to the Veen AT ALL.

Veen in Veen Society: The Veen are okay with the Veen. They don’t trust each other to do things just because that’s what the Veen do, nor do they expect that other members of their race will play along. They believe in ridiculous self-assertion, and even count on it. If a Veen believes another Veen is a sadist, they will count on that. They will not count on sadists curbing their appetites just because they should. What’s interesting is that, despite their anti-social behavior, the Veen generally do help their race out.

Veen Outside of Veen Society:
Roleplaying a Veen:


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