Average Size: 5’ 8"
Average Weight: 160 pounds

Personality compared to humans:
Spelvoro in Spelvoro Society:
Spelvoro Outside of Spelvoro Society:
Roleplaying a Spelvoro:

The Spelvoro are a corporation. When the Ludd first showed in Prometheus, and there seemed some possibility that reinforcements would be needed, the Spelvoro were called into the system to help out. They have been welcomed with open arms by the Archons who probably have no idea about their galactic history. The commander of the galactic forces know though and keep a close eye on the Spelvoro to make sure there are no more mistakes.

Moreover, the Spelvoro police themselves. They are aware of their weak ability to resist temptation. They are flighty and fanciful creatures (even if amazing at genetics). Thus, to prevent future disaster, they have initiated a police state to control their membership. Generally speaking, though, the Spelvoro’s temptations don’t amount to much from a human point of view. They aren’t really inclined to real criminal activity, just minor vise. Basically, the Spelvoro are teetotalers, but they all secretly want to put a bit of brandy in the drink.

The real question is whether the Frankenstein Crisis has anything to do with changes put into effect by the Spelvoro. It is a question asked both by the Spelvoro and by the Galactic Federation.

The race’s main HQ is in orbit around Prometheus on a science satellite known as the Shell. In terms of biomech and genetic upgrades, there is no better lab than the Shell. It is also very well protected by the Spelvoro, the Galactic Federation, and the Archons. The Spelvoro have labs all over the place, especially on the planet Prometheus.

Secrets (some, all, or none of the following may be true)

  1. The Spelvoro’s goal is to make a perfect being to lead them as a religious messiah.
  2. Spelvoro tech doesn’t come easy. They need genetic material. Where do you think they get it?
  3. Prometheus relies on the Spelvoro much more than they realize. Without their help, biological reactions against all the cyberstuff and serums would be toxic, perhaps fatal.
  4. The Spelvoro can do no wrong in the eyes of the Galactic Federation. This is because they’re tech is too necessary to rolling out Archon tech across the Galaxy.
  5. The last major tech base of the Spelvoro was consumed by a black hole.
  6. The black hole was a cover up by the Galactic Federation to conceal what really happened at the Spelvoro lab.


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