Average Size: Females 5’ 8"; Males 6’
Average Weight: Females 160 pounds; Males 190 pounds

Personality compared to humans: Aside from some strange eccentricities, Sodon aren’t that much different than people. They are based around an Oriental, if not outright Arabic, style. They tend to be fairly extreme in their attitude towards suffering. They are either warriors for social justice or they’re likely to eat you rather than take you prisoner.
Sodon in Sodon Society: In Sodon society, Sodon (men and women) wear full Burkas. This has to do with a strange sense of modesty and equality. The Sodon seem very much to believe in this standard within their own society. It is more than just a ritual.
Sodon Outside of Sodon Society: Outside of Sodon society, the Sodon do not commit to wearing the burka robes. In general, they are active in either making life better for everyone, insuring justice for those who can not, otherwise, get justice, or, in the case of the new Sodon, preying on the weak.
Roleplaying a Sodon: You are either fairly liberal or kind of fascist. You’re likely to get into arguments over this if needs be. You don’t just give up on your beliefs because its inconvenient.

  • The Sodon are dedicated to Justice
  • Cushing is the name of the geneticist who invented the Sodon.
  • The escape from the Calamity System is a legendary moment in the Sodon’s history.
  • The steel tower is where the Sodon were created. It is reproduced by the Sodon unconsciously. Calamity is part of their racial memory. The various images from that part of their history recur in their art and architecture.
  • The Sodon have settled on Castor, on an area known as the Cape of the Sun (it’s the part of the planet that gets the most sun, which isn’t much.
  • The Sodon are partial to a race of mounts native to Castor.
  • There is some assumption that there are two races of Sodon. The original and the genetically modified version that everyone associates with the Sodon.
  • Cushing is out to destroy his creation and feels that it’s his right to do so. He is pretty much the lord and master of the Calamity system.
  • The Sodon take halucinagenic material called Shine Vapor and go on vision quests.
  • Like their cousins, the new Sodon also keep pets, hunting hounds.
  • The newer Sodon have recently arrived on the scene
  • ..Most common cybernetic enhancement, cyberwings.
  • The alternate Sodon are not welcome in the city with the Sodon
  • Absurd modesty rules within their city on Castor. No showing skin and everyone has to wear the same stuff. This is what Sodon look like in the Six enclaves on Castor.
  • Scavengers: this is a description of the alternative Sodon. They ride around in their ship city raiding whoever they find.

Possible Secrets (some, none, or all might be true)

  • The Sodon are plagued by Shadow Crimes…Crimes he imagines while on his vision quest. His recognition of justice is dependent upon the understanding of what it means to be a criminal.
  • Supposedly, the other Sodon have a similar vision quest to their cousins, during which they take on the role of good guys. Basically, good Sodon dream of being their evil counterparts, and vise versa.
  • The escape ship from Calamity involved a self-aware vehicle that claims to have the intelligence of Cushing. It is a cannibal craft. It takes from those whom it can and incorporates it into the mass. The new Sodon ride around in this craft.
  • The new Sodon are Cushing’s next generation. They have not escaped. Their job is to bring the original Sodon back into the fold…except that now they’re under quarantine.
  • The Galactic Federation are under orders to bring the Sodon back for Cushing.
  • The Sodon wear blank masks and anonymous clothes because in their vision quests, they see through one another’s eyes.


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