Shodos Mar

Average Size: Females 5’ 2"; Males 5’ 6"
Average Weight: Females 120 pounds; Males 160 pounds

Personality compared to humans

Shodos Mar tend to be less frivolous than humans. They have a job to do. They know what it is. They do it. This isn’t to say that they don’t feel emotions, or that they cannot become distressed when they are no longer able to perform their jobs correctly, its just that they have a station in the great scheme of Shodos Mar society and they pull together as part of that time by doing their jobs. Shodos Mar do not understand humor unless they’re primed for it. They don’t understand things like exaggeration unless someone explains that it’s an exaggeration. They don’t really switch modes and go off duty the way that humans do unless they are around humans or other races and then, they recognize that it would be disrespectful to act like a full on Shodos Mar.

Shodos Mar in Shodos Mar Society

Keeping in mind that quite a lot of Shodos Mar society inocorporates other races. when Shodos Mar are among their own, they tend to be fairly humorless, but so too do they lack the kind of cruelty that humans are occasionally given to. The Shodos Mar given everyone respect so long as they are doing their job because whatever their role, it is important to the aquarium. A Shodos Mar has few aspirations outside of exceeding in his or her caste.
Shodos Mar Outside of Shodos Mar Society: Most Shodos Mar living outside of an aquarium do so on orders from their Shodos Mar superiors. A handful, however, may find themselves living outside the caste structure. Those Shodos Mar who live on their own tend to be fairly serious but also amazingly self sufficient. They tend to lose the kind of respectful tolerance that others of their race give to outsiders and can become critical to the point of becoming anti-social.

Roleplaying a Shodos Mar

You have something to do. That’s what you want to do. Other people talk. You wait for them to finish. Then you do what you need to do. You are precise. You are efficient. If you are in charge, you make sure everyone knows what you expect. You’re probably not great at deception.

Other features:

Shoal: A shoal is an extended family of Shodos Mar. Although all of its members are related genetically, the shoal is primarilly organized by genetic proclivities towards a specific job and may be given its purpose from an organizing group among the Shodos Mar. Thus, a shoal that has a proclivity for mining, will be given the job of mining by the larger Shodos Mar community. If a shoal has a missing piece, they will generally enlist outside help to fill in the blanks. They’re more than willing to have a human doctor if no one’s good at being a doctor.

Aquatic: Shodos Mar are much more at home in the water than out. They’re floating ships, known as Aquariums, are almost entirely underwater. Obviously, an outsider who lives among the Shodos Mar must live in the parts that have air. However, anyone who lives in an aquarium for any length of time figures out how to wear a re-breather.

Interplanetary Traffic: Obviously, living outside of Prometheus means that occasionally the Shodos Mar are called upon to be scrappers, privateers, or plainly put, pirates. The Shodos Mar generally fill ships they plan on boarding with water. The amount of water present on a ravaged ship is generally indicative of a Shodos Mar mission. Shodos Mar technology has the capacity to keep this water exposed to the cold of space until it freezes before exploding from the ship. The result is a little like anti-fire foam. It closes the holes and seals the ship. Once filled with water, a Shodos Mar can move about fairly easily. The race turns out to be extremely good salvagers.


  1. The Shados Mar rule the First Rim and are one of the strongest force on Ganymede. They will eventually run up against the Archons for control of Prometheus.
  2. The Shoals are in a secret war against each other.
  3. The Ludd are now concentrating their efforts on making allies out of the Shodos Mar.
  4. The Shodos Mar keep their secrets about the other races. If the Shodos Mar don’t like someone, there’s a reason.
  5. Shodos Mar are in competition with Sodon and Izmet pirates for control of the sky outside of Prometheus.
  6. The Shodos Mar believe that their god is on Ganymede. The real reason for their presence in Prometheus is religious.
  7. The Foonk have the Regal monarch of the Shodos Mar operation in Prometheus as their hostage.


Shodos Mar

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