Average Size: Females 5"; Males 5’ 1"
Average Weight: Females 90 pounds; Males 95 pounds

Personality compared to humans:
Phthweehee in Phthweehee Society:
Phthweehee Outside of Phthweehee Society:
Roleplaying a Phthweehee:

64 Constitutional Monarchy
285 Parchment of Holy Text
195 Rogue Noble
197 Storm
55 Unstable Portal
186 Precocious

97 Industrial district
10 Pressure built up is going to lead to the collapse of an underground nuclear reactor.
35 A ship is suffering a malfunction that its engineer cannot handle.
64 Stowaway: fell asleep in the ship
9 Terrorist Cell (cultists)
55 Enemy captain
53 Young officer who will not take bribes and does everything by the book
170 A building taken over by a rogue AI


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