Average Size: Females 5’ 8"; Males 5’ 11"
Average Weight: Females 160 pounds; Males 180 pounds

Personality compared to humans: Fairly congruent with humans, but they are very much reminiscent of a culture that values families, especially large ones. They do not as a rule value a strong work ethic.
Ornyx in Ornyx Society: Bliss. Ornyx love other Ornyx. They may have petty squabbles and rivalries, but even then, they love each other…and enthusiastically.
Ornyx Outside of Ornyx Society: It’s cool and all, but you know who are cooler than every other race in Prometheus? Ornyx!
Roleplaying an Ornyx: What do you care? Do you need some money? Ask an Ornyx, somebody will have a job. Life’s such a lark! Constantly mention your ridiculously complicated religion. Never obey any of its tenets.

A family based social structure that’s so vast that people sometimes think they’re an illumanti.

The Ornyx are an interesting race, not native to Prometheus. They are a nomadic jovial race given to helping out wherever possible with large social causes. Recently, they have managed to acquire a large meteor for a pleasure island which they, through technology native to their race, they were able to supply with an atmosphere. Between the oxygen rich atmosphere surrounding the Quilt and solar translators, the Quilt is basically a sub-tropical paradise.

One rumor about the Ornyx is that they all know each other instinctively. It might be true. Their concept of family is extensive and their understanding of economics is contingent upon their understanding of family… no one is poor so long as the family has money. Every Ornyx seems to be employed by the family and they all seem to have odd jobs they are up to, from time to time, that are considered Ornyx business.

Those who do not like the Ornyx suspect that the race might be an illumanati.

Two strange features of the Ornyx include their affinity with animals, especially small animals. It is common for an Ornyx to have multiple small pets, all of them trained.
The second is that the Ornyx believe in a religion which they can describe in excruciating detail, but which, for the most part, none observe except in terms of ritual. They make the moves, but everything they say they shouldn’t do, they do.

  • Nobody knows how the Ornyx figured out atmospheric control.
  • Occassionally, having learned of great wrong doings, the Ornyx will offer groups of people or individuals asylum in The Quilt.
  • The atmosphere, plus solar collectors create a semi-tropical environment in the Quilt.
  • The Ornyx are remarkably jovial, probably because they’re just one big happy family.
  • The Quilt has, recently, developed its own atmosphere
  • The Quilt is heavily guarded
  • The Quilt is the center of Ornyx activity.
  • The Quilt, the Ornyx’s HQ, was originally a training facility for the Ludd. It was confiscated by the Galactic Federation and sold to the Ornyx. Up until that time, the race were nomadic but positioned mostly around Ganymede.
  • All Ornyx are genetically predisposed to help each other.
  • The center of Ornyx activity in Prometheus is floating pleasure island of of Ganymede known as the Quilt.
  • It is possible that some Ornyx can bring small animals back to life.
  • The ability for Ornyx to train animals is quite advanced, whatever the reason.
  • Ornyx are more likely to do “odd jobs” than to have careers, and are far more likely than any other race to take up a job as needed.
  • Most Ornyx can be seen just hanging around, not doing much of anything else, with other Ornyx.

Secrets (Some, none, or all of these might be true)

  1. Secret: Ornyx are mindlinked to each other.
  2. Secret: Killing people give the Ornyx access to their memories.
  3. Secret: Because of their tendency to learn things from killing people, they are sometimes in the position to help shift the balance of power in the system.
  4. Secret: Only one Ornyx holds the knowledge at any given time for how to reanimate dead simple animals.
  5. Secret: Basically the Ornyx are an illuminati.
  6. Secret: The Ornyx have a way of bringing small animals back to life under their control. They kills with the animals they re-animate.
  7. Secret: The Ornyx are an assassins guild.
  8. Secret: The Ornyx are a crime family.


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