Average Size: Females 5’ 10"; Males 5’ 10"
Average Weight: Females 170 pounds; Males 170 pounds

Personality compared to humans:

Izmet are more neurotic, more paranoid, more precocious, more erratic than humans. In layman’s terms, the Izmet are kind of spazzes.

Izmet in Izmet Society:

Izmet like other Izmets. A sacrifice of their own was made, and as a result they all have a kind of shared guilt they can fall back on. Izmet society is incredibly well structured. They are more than capable of making sure their bureaucracies and their systems work as well as needs be. They carry a certain capital among pirates in the system for being able to get their part of the job done.

Izmet Outside of Izmet Society:

Izmet on their Donner could be like anything. They’ve become outcasts from their society. They could try to go with the flow. They might go against it. Who knows.

Roleplaying an Izmet:

Izmet do not generally go looking for trouble, but they almost always find it. They don’t have tons of luck. Let’s put it that way. You’re likely to want things to be in order…it’s kind of an Izmet trait.


The Izmet are refugees from another system who haven’t had the best of luck in Prometheus. Accused of everything from piracy to slash-and-burn raiding tactics, the Galactic Federation has the Izmet in Prometheus under watch. They have been invited not to leave Prometheus during the ongoing investigation…and then the quarantine happened. Now they’re stuck here.

The Izmet are known allies of the Ludd owing to the rise of power of fascist techno-overlords on their home world. Those who know the Izmet intimately, report back that they are a relatively benign race…a bit xenophobic, but certainly not galactic pirates. Evidence of their first days in Prometheus present a different account. A Galactic Federation ship known as The Donnor, which showed up to investigate the Izmet ship when it emerged from a wormhole, was found as space debris a week later. The Izmet have been under scrutiny since then.

One of the Izmet’s oldest tradition involves the community punishing one of their members at random with a ceremony called the Lungsprod. The idea is that the one suffers for the many. The tradition is very old and predates space travel. Since the invention of space travel, the outcast traditionally becomes less of a martyr and more of an exile, choosing permanent flight rather than suffering ostracism for a year and a day. Most player character Izmet will belong to those who have chosen to flee their community rather than live as an outcast for a year and a day. Needless to say, they are expected to never return.

The Izmet have taken up hold on the forest moon Ganymede 12. The race is extremely protective of this territory. Rumors abound that the Izmet support piracy in the system through their control of the moon and the information they horde there. In any case, it is clear that the Izmet, somehow, collect whatever news they can about the movement of ships between the First and Second rim. Anyone who wants to know this information must befriend the Izmet.

Interestingly, when all of the rumors are cast aside, the Izmet are a fairly down to earth group of aliens. They have a thriving musical culture (mostly Izmet folk songs, which turn out to be fairly good). They have a a strong sense of duty to their culture. They revere the old and abhor elitism. That being said, very few people make it through the rumors. Ganymede 12 is by invitation only.

  • Hydraulic Jaws
  • Temple
  • Bard Singing a Song of Sadness
  • Human skull with moonstone eyes
  • Barnabas, master tracker
  • The Dust of Heaven

Secrets (Some, None, or All of these Might Be True)

  1. The Izmet in Prometheus are an offshoot of the original race. They’re on the Lungsprod and are exiled from the rest of the race.
  2. There was an accident when the Izmet appeared in Prometheus through a naturally occurring Wormhole. Either the ships that showed up to greet them (or arrest them) were destroyed by the Izmet or something else destroyed them. If its the latter, whatever it is, it’s still out there!
  3. Passing through the wormhole gave the Izmet telepathic powers. Some of the Izmet are like telepathic antennae for anything that passes close enough to Ganymede 12
  4. The Izmet now are bartering a reputation as pirates to actually gain materials to send back to their starving homeworld.
  5. The Izmet showed up in Prometheus to provide intelligence to the Ludd.
  6. The Izmet serve as an information clearing house for pirates and raiders in the system.


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