Average Size: Females 5’ 2"; Males 5’ 6"
Average Weight: Females 150 pounds; Males 190 pounds

Personality compared to humans:

Iko are very like humans, especially the humans who lived in feudal Japan. They understand the full range of human emotions. The one difference is that the Iko feel a sense of honor that they cannot resist.

Iko in Iko Society:

Iko society is structured like a feudal system. There is a lord known as the Gunsho and all the Iko live in relation to the Iko. Some are warrior lords, others are servants, etc. You respect everyone’s position, but people in their position are expected to stay in their position. The law of honor that holds Iko society together is known as Ikoshido…the code of the Iko.
h4. Iko Outside of Iko Society:

Iko don’t get out of Iko society. They enter human society at the bidding of their lord(s), but there are no outcasts.

Roleplaying a Iko:

To role play an Iko, simply imagine what someone in feudal Japan would do.


The Iko were invited to Prometheus by the Archons. Specifically, they invited Gunsho Hiro Attho Shun Ki to bring his military commanders to Prometheus to help the Archons defend the planet against the Ludd. Their presence was considered unnecessary by the Galactic Federation (who claimed to have the situation under control).

Ki was, of course, wealthy beyond belief (most Gunsho are) and he quickly developed an economic force in Prometheus to rival his considerable military influence. Since the war has ended, he and his house have remained within the system, except that now they are mostly businessmen, though often they are willing to use military force to protect their interests.

The most prolific interest of the Iko are the Veen’s artificial intelligence programs. The Iko are the largest backers in that industry, larger even than the Archons who, by and large, would rather not have over-developed AI (it becomes harder to predict). The Iko find themselves occasionally, because of this, up against the Galactic Federation and their backing of the Spelvoro.

Unfortunately, Ki is old. He has become enamored with a strange spirituality developed by the Foonk. He hasn’t fully joined the …let’s call them a cult… because the Foonk are afraid of the response of Ki’s family. One of Ki’s sons, Hiro Attho Yun Koto seems to be more sympathetic of “father’s” newfound spirituality than his brother Hiro Attho Toto Hi. Hi is the next in line, but Koto has father’s favor. Koto has set up a garden estate on Prometheus and hopes to turn the family business to food production.


#Hi also wants to change the family’s business, but he wants to concentrate on getting the family involved in mining the Second Rim.
#Ki plans to turn his family’s resources against the Nadalu at the behest of the Foonk.
#HI is actually hoping to work on a time machine. He isn’t so much interested in the Foonk’s religion, or its affect on his father. He wants access to what the Foonk are calling their god because it, supposedly, has the ability to control time.
#The Iko have psykers but very few people see them. Iko psykers control the weather.
#Ki is not the only Gunsho in the Prometheus system. There is another who concentrates on assassinations, sabotage, and theft.


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