Average Size: Males 8’8" (6’ 4" hunched); Females 8’ (6’ hunched)
Average Weight: Males 340 pounds; Females 300 pounds

Personality compared to humans:

Gomph like people. They like to help. They like be of help. They like to be of help even when other people don’t like them. They’re never sure what they’re supposed to be doing. That’s a lot of stress. It honestly makes them much happier when someone tells them what to do.

Gomph in Gomph Society:

There really isn’t a Gomph society. Gomphs prefer to hang out with races besides the Gomph. If anything, the Gomph, when they hang out with other Gomph, like to talk about how nice it would be if someone would tell them what to do.

Gomph Outside of Gomph Society:

Gomph are pretty much a slave race. If someone decides to pay them or befriend them, that’s great. But nobody has ever gotten rich overestimating the sympathy of society towards the Gomph.

Roleplaying a Gomph:

The Gomph figure out who their boss is and than they try to do what that person asks. Even Gomph who have become intelligent are still slavish. The Gomph are a little like the house elves in Harry Potter except bigger.


Gomph are a fairly docile slave race that is present throughout the Galactic Federation. They are not generally very bright, but they can perform routine tasks. They are, therefore, perfect for menial labor. The presence of Gomphs is, therefore, pretty standard.

In fact, Gomph are pretty common even in areas that are peopled by non-humans. The Gomph are prevalant in Core City, the Quilt, and even on the Izmet’s pirate moon. They get around, and because they don’t generally cause problems, they are often in places you wouldn’t expect.

The real question someone must approach when playing a Gomph is why their Gomph is different than other Gomphs. In other words, why is your character responsible for more than just tightening bolts.


  1. The original Gomph were not slaves, but they did something very wrong and the Galactic Federation did something to the race.
  2. Gomphs work at almost every echelon of society. They don’t seem to care, nor do they seem organized, but what if that’s a lie?
  3. The Gomph are, for some reason, not subject to the Archon’s ability to predict the future.
  4. The Gomph serve as spies for the Galactic Federation. What they see, the Feds see.


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