Average Size: Females 4’ 6"; Males 4’ 8"
Average Weight: Females 95 pounds; Males 110 pounds

Personality compared to humans: Ghozok are crazy. They tend towards extremes in almost everything they do. Their society is violent. Their belief structure is remarkably fanatical. Their attitude towards making their way in the world consists of either following their religious leader or just ransacking any ship that gets too close to their territory. They ride giant squids to cross the void of space in parts of the system that are considered inhospitable to all but the most experienced of spacer. Take your average adrenaline junkie and put him in a cult.
Ghozok in Ghozok Society: The bigger the crazy, the more the respect. Female Ghozok are generallly known for their craziness more than their male counterparts. The men tend to be more concerned with their religious hierarchy.
Ghozok Outside of Ghozok Society: Outside of Ghozok society, a Ghozok is generally following some vague order by his or her Moofas. They try to act normal (or whatever a Ghozok thinks normal looks like…that’s not the same thing), but everyone knows that, if the Moofas screams “Tora! Tora! Tora!,” the Ghozok will go full Ghozok. Think of having a Ghozok ally as being like hanging around with a Victorian pickpocket at a dinner party with the Queen. Whatever happens, it’s going to be funny until you get arrested.
Roleplaying a Ghozok: Do it! Just do it!



  1. The Ghozok are the only indigenous race to the Prometheus system. If it’s ancient and it’s important, they know about it.
  2. The Ghozok can get people in and out of the quarantine.
  3. Sodon sometimes have visions of being a Ghozok.
  4. Somewhere in the Second Rim, the Ghozok have built a machine that drives robots mad. It is this machine that is causing the Frankenstein Crisis.
  5. The Galactic Federation is systematically hunting and killing the Ghozok. The race is subject to genocide.
  6. The Ghozok have a natural bond with all living creatures native to the Prometheus system. They are the protectors of the system’s nature and it’s balance.


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