Average Size: 6’ 1"
Average Weight: 200 pounds

Personality compared to humans:
Foonk in Foonk Society:
Foonk Outside of Foonk Society:
Roleplaying a Foonk:

The Foonk are an extremely calm race of humanoids who are characterized by a single eye and the fact that they reproduce through budding. They are related to each other as siblings and refer to their race as the Brotherhood (or Sisterhood, they don’t actually have gender). Wherever the Foonk homeworld once was, they’ve abandoned it. Now, they roam the galaxy looking for a new place to settle. They are like great galactic tourists who are always roaming around scouting for a place to call home. They’ve been doing this for as long as anyone can remember so it doesn’t appear that they are in any hurry. Moreover, they seem to be doing fairly well economically, so the lack of a homeworld doesn’t seem to have held them back much. Their lack of a home has, however, made many races suspicious of them. The Shodos Mar do not, as a rule, welcome Foonk settlers into their cities to settle down.


The Foonk, themselves, do not get along well with the Nadalu, and no one, including the Nadalu, really know why. In any case, many times, when the Foonk show up in a system to look around, the Nadalu come off badly. It really wasn’t surprising that the Foonk showed up in Prometheus; it is, after all, the greatest of the Nadalu experiments. During the recent war, the Foonk were neutral, but it was suspected that they had ties to the Ludd.

Because of their tie to one another, Foonk are adept at understanding the connection between minds. Their technology, such as it is, concentrates on exploring the link between disparate individuals and races. The Foonk aesthetic, such that it is, involves spirals and crystaline shapes.

Secrets (Some, none, or all of the following may be true)

  1. The Foonk are driven to prove that the Nadalu experiment is failing by finding signs that something is going catastrophically wrong with the Archons.
  2. The Foonk are connected to a being of great power beneath the surface of Prometheus. It is reluctant to help them, but it is thrall to some power they hold over it.
  3. The temple of the Foonk is a cover for experiments performed on Shados Mar. Some of the experiments have escaped. They are filled with great and secret power.
  4. The Foonk are not tourists, but use that as their cover trying to shut down the Nadalu.
  5. The Foonk are the secret masters of the Ludd!
  6. Those who investigate the Foonk are never heard from again.


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