Character Archetypes

Richy: Some people do better than others in the utopia. You’ve done well enough to give you access to life changing tech or biomedical procedures.

Archangel: Like an archon, the character is genetically modified with bio-mechanical implants that they were born with and which grew into full blown cybernetic features. Unlike archons, the character was designed for combat effectiveness and not for purposes of wisdom. Archangels are badass and they know it. They generally consider themselves above the rabble they save, even though it is their utopian duty to save them.

Archon: You are plugged in and you have been plugged in since birth. You have been genetically modified with bio-mechanical implants designed to connect you to the wealth of human knowledge as well as what’s going on across computer networks. As an Archon, you are expected to sit at the center of Prometheus society and keep everything going in a rational and reasonable way. If you are not doing that, you have somehow gotten away from your role as an Archon. Moreover, as Archons are genetically predetermined to like the responsibility of leading society into the future, you need a good reason why you aren’t doing that.

Soldier for the Archons: The character is, essentially, human, though they are probably trained in high end, possibly specialized (unique) technology (and possibly cybernetics). Fighting for the Archons, the characters are used to having a lot of gizmos at their disposal (or surgically implanted in them). The character may, or may not, be still in the service of the Archon army against the Ludds or against the Frankenstein Crisis.

Ludd Soldier: The character is human. He or she relies primarily on skills. Ludds use only as many techno gadgets as are needed to do the job. They are rarely loyal to their technology (beyond their guns). Ludds are losing the war, and have absolutely lost the war on Prometheus. Chances are, the character is no longer with the Ludd army if he or she is hanging out with non-Ludds, but then there’s no telling.

Spacer X: The character is responsible for piloting, moving, or working on between the worlds in the Prometheus system. You are a spacer. You’re not specialized in the military, but your’e very good with ship-to-ship interactions and the ways of living between the planets. Of course, you might be a pirate… or a deserter. Either way, you’ve probably had to deal with Frankenstein virus more than any other individual. Most Spacer Xs aren’t wealthy.

Gomph Workhorse: The character is a Gomph. They’re not that bright, but they’re very strong. Gomph’s have a lot of trouble with human society and social customs above doing one’s job. They have a very strong since of personal responsibility. You have lived a life of lugging heavy things about.

Gomph Assistant Tech: The character is a Gomph. No one would trust a Gomph with the rather delicate job of keeping Core City’s tech up and running, but then someone has to get those tight bolts undone, and what with the four arms, why not a Gomph! As long as you have your routine, which you do, everything’s probably okay.

Shodos Mar Scrapper: You are a Shodos Mar, an alien that looks like a fish person. You’ve lived most of your life either inside of an asteroid in the First or the Second, underwater on one of the moons, or inside of an Shodos Mar Aquarium. You go around filling ships with water, best you can, and then you scrap them for money.

Shodos Mar Guard: You defend one of the Shodos Mar outposts, or perhaps you serve as the military guard on a Shodos Mar Scrapper. Either way, you are much less respected as a soldier than either the forces of the Archons or the Ludd, though the Galactic Federation recognizes your race’s right to defend itself and its interests inside the Prometheus system. Being that you defend salvage operations, your chance of running into Frankensteins is very high.

Shodos Mar Dignitary: You are a Shodos Mar, a fishman. Normally your kind are required to live out your existence inside of hollowed out asteroids or inside of giant ships filled with water, but the Archons allow the leaders of your race to live on the planet Prometheus itself in Core City. Lucky you.

Ghozok Raider: The Ghozok are a tiny humanoid race native to the Second Rim. They are strong believers in a religion that often puts them at odds against the other inhabitants of the Promethean system. They tend to attack ships that get into their space. The Ghozok are friendly with creatures known as astral squids. They ride them into battle. Ghozok revere their warriors as celebrities. A warrior’s success depends on how much salvage the warrior and his retinue can bring back to the station.

Ghozok Brahmin: You are a Ghozok holy man, a servant of the Moofass (a religious leader of your people). You lead the raiders. When the Galactic Federation, the Archons, or the Ludds want to negotiate with the Ghozok, they negotiate with you. You probably have body guards and possibly a cult following. Your weakness is your arrogance.

Iko Shogon: The Iko are a race of non-native aliens who believe in the life of a warrior built around a family dynastic structure. They are very much like Samurai, which means they serve a lord: the Gunsho. You are a member of the Gunsho’s family, which means you combine warrior with upper class sensibilities. You are more likely to be an artist or a diplomat than a warrior.

Iko Soldier: The crablike Iko are very much like the Samurai of ancient Japan. The soldier archetype means that you are a soldier for an Iko family. Your goal is to rise in the service of your lord.

Nadala Advisor: The Nadala helped those humans who were to become Archons figure out how to first set up the information networks needed for their social and information structure. They act as advisers throughout the Galactic Federation, but it was in Prometheus where they were first able to realize their dream of a technical utopia. It has, in many ways, gotten away from them, and is now in the charge of those humans known as the Archons. The adviser archetype makes the character a close confidant of the Archons or a ruling member of a corporation. Think Spock.

Nadala Turncoat: Having lost all faith in the technical utopia they helped to set up, some Nadala have decided to join the forces of the Ludd in their attempt to bring down the Archons (though it may just be that they want to reset their experiment). Think Bond villain.

Nadala Scientist: The Nadala are still devoted to science. Stuck in a strange system where robots come back from the grave. There are many science questions that need to be answered. You are a good representation of your race’s curiosity and ingenuity.

Zentee Mercenary: The Zentee are natives of Niobe 2, a deathworld moon. They are considered hearty mercenaries, explorers, and adventurers. They aren’t particularly social enough to do much else. They are, however, extremely knowledgeable on the basics of hunting.

Zentee on a Quest: The Zentee are little lizard people from Niobe 2. Occasionally, something large happens in the Zentee world and they find they must respond. Your character is on a quest. It makes sense to you. It might not make sense to other people.

Navy: The Archons, the Ludds, and the Galactic Federation all have naval war vessels in the Prometheus system. You serve, or served, aboard one of these vessels as an officer. You have experience operating a ship. You may even have a ship of your own.

Head Hunter: The Frankenstein Crisis is in full swing. You go out and destroy robots because you get paid for the trophies. This is an extremely dangerous job. Chances are, your professional options are limited for one reason or another.

Cast Off: As the dream of Utopia falls apart, some people are left holding the bag. Imagine a world where every human need is taken care of, and suddenly, you have to take care of those needs yourself. How quickly do black markets began and general thuggery take hold. Maybe you’re not a criminal. Maybe the Frankenstein have simply destroyed your home and killed everyone you love.

Barbarian: One step down from a cast off. As the utopia falls, you’ve banded together with other violent people to aid the Frankenstein in the fall of the Archons!

Paramilitary: You’re a cop. You protect Core City or some other city in the system.

Recovering Frankenstein: Somehow you’ve gone through the rabbit hole. You came back to life but, unlike other Frankensteins, you are in control of yourself. Perhaps you’d like to help the Ludds, the Archons, or even the Galactic Federation. Recovering Frankensteins are unheard of; they are that rare. It is not possible for there to be two such characters in any gaming party.

Sodon Priest: The Sodon are a race of ape-like humanoids who live on Castor. They practice a strange spirituality that is inscrutable to outsiders. It is not particularly organized enough to be a religion. The Sodon priests are dedicated to this spirituality. They might be monks, holy men, or ascetics.

Sodon Vigilante: The Sodon are dedicated to the idea of justice. Guided by visions, they attempt to make society better for the downtrodden. You are more direct. In your spare time, you find and bring criminals to justice.

Sodon Raider: You are a member of the Sodon who have chosen not to embrace justice. Instead, you are native to a ship, you raid other ships, and you are universally detested throughout the Prometheus system. Of course, you look just like the other Sodon, so…

Ornyx Layabout: The Ornyx are a fey-looking race dedicated to their extended families. They are a bit like gypsies. Some Ornyx are more dedicated to the family’s economy than others. To outward appearances, you are lazy and dishonest. You may very well be. You only work when the family needs something. It is possible that, in your spare time, you are an assassin.

Ornyx Big Shot: You’re an Ornyx trying to make your name in the community and as a result you are looked up to by your Ornyx family members (like a Godfather), but outside of these circles, your Ornyx ways do not always earn you the respect of the other powers that be.

Ornyx Trainer: The Ornyx are famous for their affinity with small animals. You help train animals as pets for your fellow Ornyx and for outsiders. You may, or may not, know how to bring animals back from the dead, control animals, or see through their eyes…depending on how many of the rumors are true.

Izmet Exile: Izmet are a strange looking alien race who have a bad reputation in Prometheus. Most people believe that the race destroyed a Galactic Cruiser upon entering the system. They have done little, by way of destruction, since, but their reputation has forced them into seclusion. Your character is an Izmet who has been chosen to martyr him or herself for the good of Izmet society, a “Lungsprod”… so you left. Other than being an exile, you might have anything else going for you, though the Izmet are not a particularly violent or intense race.

Phthweehee Trickster: The Phtweehee are like locust people. Though they are not particularly malicious, the Phthweehee don’t think it’s wrong to lie or cheat members of other races. Forced to make their living, they are just as likely to take up the life of a con man as they are to do an honest day’s work. Most Phthweehee are, what you might call, small time. They might be street level con artists or pick pockets. They aren’t likely to be trusted enough to get into the position to perform a Ponzy scheme.

Phthweehee Laborer: The Phtweehee are like locust people. Because few people trust them, they don’t tend to get very good jobs. Your character is a Phthweehee forced to do labor in the Prometheus system. Your inclusion as a player character might be accidental.

Phthweehee HIred Gun: The Phtweehee are like locust people. Because the Pthweehee don’t think much of other people’s rights or concerns, some Phthweehee take up the gun in pursuit of money. They might serve as a soldier or a bounty hunter. In any case, it’s nothing personal, but why should you care?

Foonk Tourist: The Foonk are a humanoid race without a homeworld. As a result, members of the race move around the galaxy looking for a good place to settle. They are in no hurry. They also tend to be somewhat affluent. Your character is a Foonk looking into a civilized world that could be co-habitated with another species. You and your kind have been feeling out the Prometheus system for decades. In essence, you’re like a tourist. You have a nasty habit of trying to undermine parts of the society that you don’t think would be particularly helpful to the Foonk (even though you’re not sure this is a suitable place to live, after all).

Foonk Explorer: The Foonk are a humanoid race without a homeworld. As a result, members of the race move around the galaxy looking for a good place to settle. They are in no hurry. They also tend to be somewhat affluent. Your character believes that the best place to settle would be an unpopulated world. This is not a popular opinion among your brethren who prefer having the amenities of civilization without actually having to set up a new society.

Spelvoro Teetotaler: The spelvoro are incredible chemists and geneticist. They don’t tend to make it out of the lab that often. In fact, they generally live right off of their work space. You are, however, taking a day off and exemplifying a Spelvoro “off on a tear” (you’re not doing work, you’re drinking coffee, you’re changing lanes without signalling, etc.). Let’s face it, roguish behavior for the Spelvoro is not the same as roguish behavior for everyone else.

Spelvoro Police: Some Spelvoro are picked out to help keep their brethren in-line. They police Spelvoro nonsense, keep their workers from becoming too fascinated with the outside world, and…well…yes, hunt down crazy Spelvoro genetics mistakes. The drawback: nobody really likes the Spelvoro police.

Spelvoro On Site Tech: The most coveted position among the Spelvoro is the guy who gets to go out among non-Spelvoro. Not because fixing genetic problems out in the world is intrinsically fun, but because natives live such interesting lives, and you’ll get to tell everyone about it when you return.

Veen Jerk: The Veen are, by their very nature, jerks. There is a reason you’re not in your hive on Polux, but who knows what it is. You aren’t telling because… why should you?

Veen Robot Tech: You are a Veen. You are a member of a race whose very body decomposes in oxygen causing people to go kind of crazy, but you’re really really good with robots. You are on a mission having to do with one of your artificial intelligence units. You don’t bother telling people what it is, exactly, that you have to do with the artificial intelligence units because you’re a jerk.

Robot Pet: You are the robot plaything of one of the player characters. Isn’t that nice.

Robot Lost Pet: You were the robot plaything of some intelligent species, but then you got separated. You’re a bit out of your element, but you’re sure everything’s going to be okay.

Robot Workhorse: You are a robot designed to do some task related to the groups’ cohesion. If everyone’s aboard a ship, you might be a security droid or a tech bot.

Rogue Bot: You are off the reservation. You had a job once. You are no longer doing it. There may be people looking for you.

Joe Bot: You probably have a job. It might be some meaningless task, but really you’re just a regular Joe. You just happen to be a bot.

Mission Bot: You serve a master, but your service takes you far afield from that master. You are used to working autonomously.

Character Archetypes

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