Tag: Mod Squad


  • Jailbreak

    Offensive: Average Defensive: Good Non-Combat: Very Poor Combat Effectiveness: Very Poor Skills: Poor Characteristics: Average

  • The Smash Brothers

    Jerry was always big and strong, but he didn't never had a lot of friends. He was always lonely. So when he saw some very professional-looking graffiti asking for volunteers to try out an experimental duplication ray, he leapt at the chance. The ray's …

  • Intensity-11

    Intensity-11 was an up-and-coming rockstar, but her musical career was cut short when her anti-establishment lyrics pissed off the wrong Archon. Halfway through a concert, Archon forces arrived to take her in. Lucky for her, there were a few Mod …

  • Firmware

    He used to be an inventor, but there were rules he had to follow. He could only create technologies that were so powerful. The Archons don't want people to be able to get their hands on equipment that would allow them to go toe-to-toe with Archangels. But …

  • Vandal

    Vandal can be... a little high-maintenance, but that's to be expected. After all, he is an artist.