Looks like a guy in a ninja costume. Wait, is that a VR headset he has on?


Character Sheet (emailed to Bri to upload and link)

One of the earlier members of the Mod Squad. Before joining, his life mostly consisted of him playing video games in his apartment.
He may be dressed like a ninja, but he’s really just a guy playing a ninja video game – the suit’s doing all the work. Audio dampeners and visual camoflage take the place of stealth, his “marital art skills” all come from the suit’s programing, and he’s not even throwing his ninja stars – the suit’s launching them for him.
A virtual reality gaming enthusiast, he’s won every game worth playing – so he’s moved onto the greatest game of all: reality. Or at least, his version of it. He hangs out with the Mod Squad because they’re a bunch of fellow tech enthusiasts – that, and they were the only ones with the knowledge and inclination to help him take his game to a whole ’nother level.


Offensive: Very Good
Defensive: Very Poor
Non-Combat: Average
Combat Effectiveness: Good
Skills: Average
Characteristics: Poor


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