Starshine AKA Sparrow Montgomery

Liquid Metal Groupie


Starshine combines relatively high strength, extremely high defenses, stretching, and duplication. Her form seems to be fairly unstable. She’s like a person made of liquid mercury…she can take a lot of punishment, but she loses shape fairly easilly. The same might be said of her mental condition. She’s not very bright. The drugs don’t help.


Sparrow hitched a ride to Alt Shift without really knowing where she was going. She was a groupie with a band that was supposed to play the main stage. But of course, she really really liked the place. New people. New craziness. New drugs. And Sparrow was amazing at being the fun girl. It wasn’t long before she was being given free fixes here, there, everywhere.

Who knows what she took to get her powers. Nothing on Niobe II looks like her at all. Whatever she got, she got a good dose of it.

Her body seems to be made of a liquid metal, or maybe it’s solid energy. It’s hard to tell. Eventually, someone didn’t pay the tab and she was given over as payment. She might have fought in the pit, but they weren’t really sure if she could be defeated.

Starshine AKA Sparrow Montgomery

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