Poto Koi

Midget Raider


Poto Koi was a jumper for Moofass Ashak Apoon. She attacked ships that left Arion for the rest of the system by riding a great sky squid into battle. Koi had a bounty on her head for her service to the Moofass and a picture of her hanging on the wall of every Galactic Federation outpost.

However, once the quarantine began, and the old methods of surviving in Ghozok became harder and harder to justify, Poto Koi began to work in the other direction. Though the forces of Arion and Kotos had become strongly dedicated to keeping the quarantine, there remained those who wanted in or, more commonly, out of the system. Poto Koi began to offer her services, in the name of the Moofass (of course) , to interstellar smugglers.

This hasn’t been easy going. The ghozok are not used to cooperating with other species and Poto Koi is an exemplary specimen of a Ghozok. She is small. She is crazy. She is a zealous xenophobe. But all the more reason for her not to respect the quarantine. Unfortunately, she hasn’t the good sense to tell the difference between well meaning refugees and truly dangerous psychopaths.

Poto Koi

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