Karlov the Damned

Can you truly believe in honor if you've sacrificed your own?




General Maximilien Karlov. A Ludd war hero obsessed with Iko culture, particularly their concepts of honor. Two months before the end of the war, he and his soldiers deserted their post, sending Ludd Command a message stating that he didn’t think that they were willing to go far enough to achieve victory. He also said “I realize now that, in order to preserve the honor of humanity, I must sacrifice my own honor.” He started attacking the Archon and Fed forces, acting as a pirate. He began using their own technology against them, realizing that he needed to be better equipped if he wanted to achieve victory. But even then, it wasn’t enough. So he crashed his ship into the planet Charon and offered himself up to the writhing, resurrected machines on the planet’s surface.
When Karlov left the planet, he was no longer human. Instead, he was a huge, roughly humanoid shifting mass of metal and death. Those who knew him before and have seen him after say that there’s still a familiar gleam in the lenses that function as his eyes.

Karlov the Damned

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