Jeremiah Grey

A man of wealth and taste


Grey is tall and thin. He wears fancy suits. His only visible cybernetic modifications are his bright red bionic eyes.



They say that he comes from old money. They also say that he made his money recently, that he was a war profiteer who illegally claimed Ludd vessels and resources as spoils of war. Of course, it’s usually the Ludds that say the latter. Some people think that the Ludds are just bitter that they lost the war, and the rumors that they’re circulating are just the angry mutterings of a bunch of sore losers.
But the Ludds themselves tell a different story. A story about a fallen Archangel, cast out of Core City for his crimes against humanity – crimes so severe that even the heartless Archons condemned him. Stripped of everything – his wings, his status, and even his name – he set off to contact the Ludds, to offer his services. Some of the Ludd leadership wanted to take him up on his offer, but others felt that he could not be trusted. In the end, they accepted his aid.
Three month later, the Galactic Federation attacked the secret Ludd base that the nameless Archangel had been staying in. He had disabled their automated security, and sabotaged their ships. He had gone over the Archons’ heads and made a deal with the Feds to aid them in the war against the Ludds, in return for amnesty, as well as a new name, a new identity – that of Jeremiah Grey.
Over the next few years, he assembled a group of fanatical followers to help him in his battle against the Ludds.
It is uncertain to what extent this story is true, but official records show that a man named Jeremiah Grey did fight against the Ludds in the war – but there is no rank or ID number associated with it.

Now that the war is over, his small army of trained killers has turned into a crime organization based on Prometheus – a crime organization that, on paper, has no ties to Grey. But everybody knows that he’s still in charge.
There are many theories as to how Grey’s crime organization can operate in a place that claims to be a utopia. One theory is that the Ludds are right – he really was an Archangel, and his former position as one of the blessed leaders of Prometheus, he has insight on how one can avoid the prying gaze of the Archons – and the avenging force of the Archangels. Another theory is that he has an Archon on the payroll – although, if that was true, the repercussions would be severe. A third theory is that he’s still under the Feds’ protection – either because it was a part of the deal he made years ago, or because he’s still working for them. Or maybe he’s working directly for the Archons, and the “crime organization” is just a cover.

Jeremiah Grey

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