Looks like an anthropormorphic backhoe. Huge, bright yellow, and dangerous-looking.


Character Sheet (emailed to Bri to link)

A construction bot that Firmware “jailbroke” (think uplifted). There are a few glitches in his system – his central processor wasn’t designed to do what it’s currently doing – but they’re mostly cosmetic. (He’s got a bit of a stutter).
He’s big, strong, tough, and fast. If he grabs you, you’re in trouble.
The Mod Squad is the closest thing Jailbreak has to family, so he looks out for it’s members the best he can. And anyway, where else would he go? He’s not a citizen – he doesn’t have rights. But the Mod Squad treats him like he’s one of them – which he is. He’s just happy to be a part of the team.


Offensive: Average
Defensive: Good
Non-Combat: Very Poor
Combat Effectiveness: Very Poor
Skills: Poor
Characteristics: Average


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