Amped up to 11!


Sonic-based attacks. Can be used at range or in HTH. Has a field of sonic energy for protection.


Intensity-11 was an up-and-coming rockstar, but her musical career was cut short when her anti-establishment lyrics pissed off the wrong Archon. Halfway through a concert, Archon forces arrived to take her in.
Lucky for her, there were a few Mod Squadders in the audience – and they were huge fans. They stormed the stage and fought off the Archon forces, helping her to escape. Realizing that these were people with similar mindsets to hers (that guy with the hammer really seemed to care about social justice), and seeing how they were strong enough to fight the system, she asked to join them.
Firmware hooked her up with some modified amps, allowing her to generate sonic blasts and a personal sonic energy field.


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