Headrush, AKA Rene Ore

Big alien runnin' atcha


Character Sheet

Headrush is a big Sodon who runs fast and has both his strength and muscle mass augmented by chemicals that help his body train up past natural levels.

He is not a particularly good criminal and he spends most of his time in police custody. He’s one of those guys other villains are likely to break out of prison for some caper.


Rene Ore was a powerful athlete on Prometheus in the Fellball games when he decided to move on to the Modified Leagues, which was fine, except he wanted to be the best in that league. First, he went off world to his Sodon family to avoid the view of the Archons so that he could become modified. Then, when even on Charon, his treatments went beyond his ability to purchase. he turned to a life of crime in the First Rim to finance his modifications.

Eventually, his rather obvious criminal tactics of hit and run revealed his secret identity and destroyed his sports career. At that point, he began bouncing around between Charon, The First Rim, Ganymede, Castor, and Polyx…anywhere he could make some money as a goon. Unfortunately, the biomechanical treatments he was capable of acquiring off of Prometheus were not great, and tended to leave him immobilized during his downtime.

During one of his rest periods, the HQ of his boss was raided, and he was captured by the Galactic Feds. He is now en route to Prometheus to stand trial.

Headrush, AKA Rene Ore

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