Harbor aka: Nupia Das

Here's a Nadalu who's really good at making friends


Character Sheet

Harbor’s powers are almost unanimously derived from his ability to absorb the hostility of those around him. He is, in a sense, dangerously charming. In fact, he can absorb so much of the fight of those around him, that he can knock them unconscious. Mostly though, his power is to make those around him into allies for his cause. It is this function that most makes him a master villain.

Harbor’s primary form of defense is invisibility. He simply focuses his threat until it is momentarily all that can be perceived and then he eats it utterly. The result is that he ceases to be the subject of anyone’s attention. They cannot consciously register him, because they cannot consciously register the threat he represents.

Harbor is aided by his robot body guard 3Pac. 3Pac is, of course, immune to Harbor’s power.


Napia Un, the Nadalu who would become Harbor, was originally called upon by the Archons to produce a kind of archangel who would be more capable of dealing with the intricacies of a peace-keeping life. The argument was that war with the Ludd had been bred into the archangels. What was needed was a Peaceful Warrior (a Pax Lacertes). Un worked for years on his improved soldiers with great results. He had determined how to transfer the warlike emotions away from the warriors and onto other subjects with less social responsibilities. This led to notable failures (the Pax Furorem) and, of course, their leader St. Havoc. The production of a supervillain by Napia Un during his attempt to make peaceful superheroes, caused the archons to doubt Napia’s skill. The belief at the time was that the emotional states of the Lacertes were being transferred partially onto Un, that something about the experiments that had generated the Lacertes played upon essential forces associated with Un. Their anger infected him. What was needed was an Un who would not become filled with emotional responses in this way.

Un, as a reasonable Nadalu volunteered to have his emotional states modified using the same techniques he mastered with the Lacertes, but of course, St. Havoc would not let this just happen. She and her furies laid in a plan to sabatoge the procedure. The result was that Napia Un, was transformed into creature who ate all the negativity around him. Suspicion, doubt, thoughts of vengeance, they disapeared from those around him, and filled the Nadalu with the desire to do harm. On that day, Napia Un died. He was replaced by Napia Das, also known as Harbor. With all his new friends, he hopes to destroy the world, a place that he feels is beyond salvation.

Filled with the fears and hatred of those around him, Harbor headed off to an abandoned Nadalu facility floating around Niobe. The area had been converted into a hunting lodge peopled by denizens who had no idea that their satellite had once been a laboratory. The presence of Harbor, even in hiding, began to alter their attitudes. His desire to hide became their desire to hide. Their propensity for joviality was devoured by Harbor who turned them, more or less, into self conscious cowards. Their propensity for shape altering drugs combined with a kind of rogue telepathy emanating from Harbor himself turned them into recluse geniuses working for his will. They were growing more intelligent even as they were growing more and more to resemble their Nadalu patron. The entire event was cut short when a Promethean was rescued from the station by a bewildered parent. The lot were rescued and put on the first flight home, but not before they had helped Harbor generate his master plan. Seeing his opportunity, Harbor snuck aboard their ship, homeward bound for Prometheus.

Harbor aka: Nupia Das

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