Glowwyrm, AKA Mella Bokee

Flying speedster in a Victorian Dress


Character Sheet

Glowwyrm is a flying speedster who creates flashes of light when she hits people.


Mella’s history isn’t particularly dramatic. She was a rich girl. A party girl. She took 8 of her friends to Niobe 2 because she heard it was a hot spot. Basically, she wanted a new kind of high and she had the money to get it.

She hired Zentee to go to the planet and bring her the best stuff. Having little interest in exploration, hunting, or adventure—the main export of Niobe 2—her and her crew stayed in Alt Shift in a wild and endless party. Of course, between the drugs and the constant partying, drama interceded. Love triangles began to form to bust her little group up. Less richey meant less funds. Eventually, the Zentee that Mella started hiring were less reliable than the hunters she’d hired before. When they came back with a gland from an Ottox Moth, the party ended.

Her friends might have stood by her had she been a more likable person, but Mella, plus the superpowers given to her by Dr. Roco’s drug, proved insufferable. Full of herself, she treated her previous friends like dirt. Eventually, they abandoned her. Within a week, she was fighting in the pits for the money to continue her treatments.

As a gladiator, strangely, Glowwyrm had found her calling. She knew how to rile up a crowd and how to destroy her enemies. Eventually, the idea of Glowwyrm dying in the pits seemed bad for business. At that point, Tye Scalaeen put her in charge of his security team. Under her direction, the team became Bio Lambda—something more than a group of bouncers… something like a strike team.

Glowwyrm, AKA Mella Bokee

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