Jeremiah Grey's Head of Security


“All I ever wanted was to do the right thing.”

About thirty-five pounds worth of human stuffed inside about five-hundred fifty pounds of combat bot. Her name is said to be an abbreviation for “God’s Advocate.”


A woman without a name, without a home… without a body. She was a Ludd, once upon a time, stationed on a base attacked by Grey. She was taken prisoner by said soldier of misfortune. That should have been the end of it – for all his flaws and supposed cruelty, Grey was known for never harming a prisoner. Something to do with “being a good host.” But there was an… accident. One of Grey’s followers, a robot designated BZ3K3R (who was known for being a few bytes short of a disc sector) made a mistake. He attacked her, mortally wounding her.
Grey offered her a choice – die, or be given life-saving cybernetic modifications. She betrayed her principles to save her life. In the end, there was very little of her body that was salvageable. She woke up in an almost entirely new body – one mostly composed out of the late BZ3K3R’s chassis. His punishment for his lapse in judgement.
Now, she acts as Grey’s head of security and personal bodyguard. It is said that she has nothing to do with Grey’s criminal activities, that she only has anything to do with the legal side of his business. Grey is known for his compartmentalization prowess, so this may very well be true.


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