Fugue, AKA Zophog Node

Gomph superhero with time control



Who is this strange Gomph and why doesn’t he walk huddled over and answer, “yes sir” whenever he’s asked a question. Fugue is no ordinary Gomph. He’s assertive, intelligent, capable, and more than capable of handling the pressure when push comes to shove. Zophog Node began his career the way most Gomph’s do. He found someone who would treat him more or less well and he began working with a smuggler moving illegal hormone therapies off of Niobe 2. That guy bought Alt Shift. He put Fugue in charge of keeping the clientelle comfortable. He was something like a go-to worker/waiter. Then his master died. Fugue stayed on. When the next owner came in, it was more or less the same. When that guy sold the place, Fugue stayed on, etc..

Now, Tye Scalaeen owns the place. He wants a strike team. He’s put Fugue on the team.

Since that time, however, Relsh Domingo has shown up claiming to be the son and heir of Fugue’s first master. Fugue is torn. Does he owe this man his responsibility, or should he abandon that era of his life.


Fugue is somewhat out of place in Bio Lambda. He is really not much of a villain. Neither cruel nor particularly driven by criminal intent, Fugue is motivated by his sense of loyalty to the club. He has worked there through 7 different owner and began his career as a regular normal Gomph, but over the years, he’s gotten smarter and more powerful as an egoist. Unfortunately, his Gomphiness still exists. He still thinks it’s his job to help the club, to protect its clientelle, and to make sure everything runs smoothly. Thus, even though Fugue is much more intelligent and capable than his condition as a servant of Alt Shift, he is still too dedicated to stop doing his job and walk away.

Because Fugue protects those most in need, he has developed an odd relationship to Starshine. It appears to be romantic, but in actuality, Fugue is drawn to her constant need for rescue.

Character Sheet

Fugue, AKA Zophog Node

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