Tere Sage AKA Fixer

Fish guy with telekinetic razors


The Fixer had long been an adviser for the archons in their attempts to keep up alliances with the Shodos Mar. He is an expert at dealing with the aquatic race and it become his lot to insure their loyalty during the Second Ludd War.

His gambit was this: he knew that the Ludd commander in that area, Captain Fisces, was a particularly ruthless commander, and he knew that the commander would use the easiest tactic available to him. He insured that he would be in a position to guard a young Shodos Mar, next in line to be a shoal leader of the Garv Hodo Aquarium, during a diplomatic mission to a spawning lab within an asteroid circling Ganymede. The goal was to use the prince as bait.

Unfortunately, the Shodos Mar were not in on the plan. When it became clear to them that the Archons were using those near and dear to them they became angry. The Archons cut Fixer loose. The Ludd did show up, but were asked by the Shodos Mar, in good faith to back off. The Fixer, finding himself in a very bad situation, decided to give up the young Shodos Mar, hoping that it would win him his freedom as well. It didn’t.

The Shodos Mar flooded the hatchlings with endorphins turning them into aquatic killing machines, but the alien hormones acted upon the Nadalu’s physique and affected him greatly too. His telekinesis has sharpened so that it can now cut, and a low grade telepathy has turned him into a very capable assassin.

Of course, a great deal of his career move has been motivated by the fact that he is a man without a home. He is distrusted by the Shodos Mar, a people he knows intimately; he is the enemy of the Ludd, who are only too glad not to have fallen into his trap; and he hates the Archons as they fed him to the Shodos Mar.

Tere Sage AKA Fixer

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