Opasu Tinash aka Fisheye

Fish alien soldier with remote cameras


Character Sheet

Fisheye has a gun and a bunch of little robots that can find you and shoot at you. His major focus is indirect attack. His powers are equipment based.


Opasu Tinash was hatched in the Gogolos Go Aquarium ship as second hatchling to Prince Ohpash Tinash. His life, from the moment he was first able to swim, was about defending his brother.

When the Gogolos Go was attacked by a Frankenstein horde, he was seperated from his brother whom he presumed dead. He spent the next three years serving as a mercenary soldier, mostly for the Archons, performing rescue missions deep inside Frankenstein claimed territory, especially missions that required searches inside of Aquariums and hollowed out asteroids.

Recently, Fisheye has learned that his brother, the prince, escaped the attack and has been brokering deals with the Ludd. Fisheye personally believes that the Ludd are using the Frankenstein to attack the Archons. He is not in good with them, and feels that he would be an embarrassment to his brother were he to confront the prince with his concerns. On the other hand, he doesn’t think his brother understands the danger that the Ludd represent. Thus, he is torn and trying to figure out what to do.

He, therefore, considers it his obligation to prove that the Ludd are taking advantage of the situation with the Frankenstein so that he can convince his brother that the Archons are the best allies for the Shodos Mar.

Opasu Tinash aka Fisheye

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