Nure Atutia, Aka Cynder

Pyromaniac Adrenaline Junky


Character Sheet

Cynder is a stand-alone villain, generally, though she could easily be put into a group. Her powers revolve around her having four flamethrowers, computer controlled, going off at all times during combat. She is a ball of fire that launches jets of flame. Her powers are equipment based.


Nure Atutia was born to a rich Zike merchant and his wife in one of the more posh neighborhoods of Core City. They hardly noticed they had a daughter. So, she started burning things. At first, they noticed because of the fires, but then they decided their best tactic as unfeeling parents was to hire people to care for her, but they couldn’t pay anyone enough to care. Burning things became burning herself, so to speak. She became more and more reckless with herself. She burned things. She risked her life. She fell in with bad people.

Eventually, criminality led to a solid career as an arsonist. What money she got from the family business, she invested in her flame throwing kit and did a stint as an incredibly well equipped petty criminal as well as an extreme sports junky. She became famous for her flaming routines.

Eventually, her parents reached out to her, but only to employ her tactics in helping the family business, acting as a front for the Qualo Crime Syndicate. They gave her the job of burning poorly performing assets to the ground in order that her father could collect on insurance money. Unfortunately, this tactic did not last. Eventually, the Archons discovered the criminality of the Atutia family and had her father arrested. Nure’s responsibility for her crimes was never discovered; she was simply Gavin Atutia’s errant and reckless daughter. She took the opportunity and what money she had stockpiled to disapear. She headed off on her own as a merc and has been Cynder ever since.

Nure Atutia, Aka Cynder

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