Character Sheet

Brainmole is a big guy who can knock you in the head because he’s a mutant. Also, he can read your mind, move stuff through telekinesis, and lots and lots of hurting people through mental attacks. He’s a combination of a brick and egoist.


The circus comes to town, and with it, the freaks! The bearded lady: what sort of malicious malfunction of mother nature creates this frolicked feminity? No way to know, not by the hair on our chinney Chin Chins! And consider fish boy and the Fire Eater! Not for the faint of heart. Women and Children are not allowed in unless accompanied by a guardian, or a note from the their heart doctors. And speaking of adults…may I introduce you to the Tatoo’d lady!

That over there? Why that friends is the most direst of the creatures that calls this carnival home. An escapee, it is said, from a Spelvoro experiment. A group of army volunteers, experimented upon, abused, imprisoned. The only survivor, the sad specimen one sees here. Don’t get too close. His cage is one way mirror. He doesn’t know you’re here and watching and all the better for you. For that horrid creature can kill with a thought. What is that shattering noise? Oh my. It’s breaking loose. Run everyone run. Run! Aargghh!


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