Bastion, BK-40


The BK-40 was first created so as to defend Ursula Hone, a child destined to grow into the life of an Archon. Ursula, however, had no desire to be an archon. Somehow she managed to convince the Archon Council that it would be useful for her to see the system before undergoing training as an Archon initiate. After all, she had the BK-40 to protect her.

Well, her intention wasn’t really to go see the system. Her goal was to run from her future. She headed to the Second Rim as fast as possible and engineered her capture by the Ghozok. Ever since then, Bastion has been attempting to get Ursula back.

Unfortuanately, Bastion has been programmed not to look for help. His quest is one in which he must work alone. What’s worse, he is considered MIA along with Ursula. He, therefore, moves through the system looking for clues as to where Ursula might be on his own private quest.

Bastion, BK-40

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