Atlas Glass

Private Investigator


Back when it all started, they said it was machines that would win the war – and I wanted to be one of those machines. But war changes you – and I’m not just talking about the chassis upgrades and combat software I got. When I came back to Prometheus, I realized I couldn’t just sit back and enjoy utopia. I had to be doing… something, so I became a private investigator. Not only do I get to be my own boss, but I also get to help people who have no one else to turn to.

I get most of my work from people who live outside of society – people who, technically speaking, aren’t supposed to be here. But that doesn’t change the fact that they are here, and they can’t go to the Archangels when something happens. They have to come to people like me.

Sometimes, people come to me just because whatever problem they’re having is weird enough or legally ambiguous enough that they don’t want to go to the authorities.

I also do some work for the Archons, on occasion – which may be why they turn a blind eye to all the other stuff I do. Or maybe there’s an Archon somewhere who approves of my humanitarian work. Who knows?

Usually, the Archons just need some hard data collection, or just some actual eyes on the ground to confirm something that they’re already ninety-eight percent sure of. They like to be sure of things, those Archons. Other times, the information they want me to gather can’t be learned without me kicking the hornet’s nest, but I don’t mind kicking the hornet’s nest. In fact, I kinda like it.

Atlas Glass

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