Welcome to the Frankenstein Crisis, a game based in a planet spanning science fiction super heroic robot zombie apocalypse! Here are some of the basic ideas native to the game:


  • The planet, Prometheus, is a high end technological society, complete with awesome aliens and “super heroes”.
  • The robotic workers and soldiers used to defend the planet are, essentially, coming back from the dead.
  • The planet was on the frontier of a civil war. The good guys won which opened up a large amount of movement between planets.
  • Winning required a great deal of war machines.
  • The society still has technology, but it’s unclear just how much they can trust it.
  • The system has been quarantined because of the Frankenstein Virus that causes machines to come back from the dead.
  • Other planets in the Promethean system are somewhat backwards and have more aliens. They are less plagued by the Frankenstein Crisis, but are, nonetheless, quarantined.
  • The point of the game, and the specifics of the system, vary from campaign to campaign.
  • Campaigns are always 4 adventures long.
  • In each campaign, one of the players is working against the group and one of the characters is integral to the groups survival.

By break down, here is what you need to know to play Frankenstein Crisis, along with links:

Step 1: What is the campaign’s common goal
Step 2: What is the group’s structure
Step 3: What is the campaign’s Tone
Step 4: Where do the character’s start
Step 5: What is the character’s race and archetype
Step 6: What is the character’s power source
Step 7: Character Conception/Make the character
Step 8: Play!


Frankenstein Crisis

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